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qht online while not its own entity is the home of Quality High-Tech Services internet based services such as web design, email solutions, web applications, and any software side client services. QHT online focuses mostly on custom and one-on-one projects with our clients.

about qht

Quality High-Tech Services, Inc. Building upon our reputation for quality repair service, we at QHT have perfected the logistics of the repair cycle to benefit you with a fast and efficient turnaround. We track your unit through every step of the repair process, allowing us to build a powerful data warehouse of knowledge on equipment, make/models, and problem/resolution statistics. This accumulated knowledge not only empowers our employees but our partner manufacturers as well.

Company History Established in 1987, QHT is a C-Corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The Company is a full-service provider of computer hardware and peripheral equipment repair, maintenance and replacement services. QHT is a warranty-service provider for major hardware brands, such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Toshiba, Canon and many others. In addition to repair services, the Company is involved in equipment sales, primarily notebook computers. While QHT provides its services to various computer users throughout Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, its primary target markets include educational institutions, government agencies and corporations.

QHT focuses on warranty repairs, annual maintenance contract services and client-billable services, both onsite and carry-in repairs. The Company maintains long-term relationships (12 to 15 years) with its vendors and provides high-quality services, which have enhanced QHT's position in the market. In a recent customer satisfaction survey carried out by Canon, QHT's facility, turnaround time, quality of the repair and overall service experience, scored 4.99 out of five, the highest rating in the U.S. QHT is a Premier Authorized Service Partners with Toshiba. The Premier Authorized Service Partners designation confers a preferential status on QHT. Toshiba introduces Premier Authorized Service Partners to its large customers as the local warranty providers. Premier Authorized Service Partners also top Toshiba's referral list when a client calls its customer service center. QHT is one of 12 such Premier Authorized Service Partners in the U.S.
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